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  • ZionDizl -

    Hiya, if you are still searching for a tight group and looking at crafting, please send a pm to dworf and introduce yourself.

    • Liracy -

      Thanks. I'll do so when I get a chance, at work at the moment~! Though isn't his an aussie guild? I am from the USA~

    • Stormlord -

      *wanders in by chance* hello buddy yes we are Aussie but we have taken on a number of americans recently so you will be fine but definatly speak to the Dworf miester

    • Liracy -

      Alrighty. I'll do so when I get the chance. Thanks for the information. <3

    • ZionDizl -

      Yeah, it is based in AUS but we have 5 Americans, a few Russians and something elsenthat I havent asked about, we have people on when it is peak time kn USA and AUS