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  • The_Traveler -

    I applied and have been accepted at your site. I bought the 49.99 version of the game. I'm assuming i'll be able to get on the game before launch to join the guild or will I have to wait until launch day? Are we having a meeting in Discord prior to launch?

  • CatFresh -

    Hello, I saw you replied to my looking for a guild post.

    Of all the people who replied, your guild looks to be the most suitable.

    I have played the past 3 betas (about a month each) so for sure have a little to bring to the table. My friend has played the past 2 betas with me. Then a few others are going to be brand new to the game.

    Please let me know what all I need to do to get on board with you guys at launch. I will be gathering all of week 1, then switching to combat.