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    Hola! Estoy interesado en entrar al clan, soy muy activo. He jugado a varios MMO y MOBA, pero me apetece cambiar a algo diferente. Después de mirar mucho me decanté por este juego. Además, quiero estar en un clan competitivo y con gente comprometida. Os envié solicitud por el juego.

    Un saludo!


    Lets talk about ,"The Wipe". Are we all going to get wipe after this close beta test this coming july or august? Also, does this really mean that my character will be lost and I wil have to start to scratch , to level 1 skill avatar?

    • Whin -

      Yes, they are going to wipe in July with the new world map. 2 months later they are going to wipe again for the final release. Everything will be erased at wipes.