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  • Danitsia -

    *waves* Hi iBlood! How are you? Did you make it onto our members only FB group btw?

    <3 Dani
    Founder of TLP

  • Delfer8 -

    Im a suscriber, i like your videos, nice work!

  • Mass -

    I've watched your videos, from beginning till end, no skipping! And I enjoyed all of it :) Thank you for all this footage, it helps with my grief. (the eternal waiting for closed beta >< )

  • Alcadius -

    Hey iBlood loved your videos man great stuff.

    Could use few tips from you :D

    • iBlood -

      Hello! Thanks for the kind words. Message me anytime in game and I would be glad to help out. Although, I might be a little bit rusty at first during this next test phase :)

    • Alcadius -

      This is going to be my first albion online test.Your videos got me into it.Cheers!