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    Hi there, There are two of us (maybe up to 6) mostly middle aged RL friends from the U.K, looking to start playing Albion and head towards a mercenary lifestyle.We are all pretty hard core gamers if we get hooked - I personally have been playing Eve non stop for 8 years and this is the first time I looked at another game to devote my time to. I've been scanning the forum for mercenary guilds and yours seems to be the only one specifically mentioning being mercenaries. Could you explain how this works in Albion (in Eve Online merc work is big business) seeing as I've been told on a thread I started there's not much demand for it. If it is a valid profession and your Guild actively looks for merc contracts we'd be interested in joining.

    • Rhaegar -

      "Mercenaries & Merchants" is the theme of our guild. We have gatherer/Crafters (merchants) and dungeon/PvPers (mercenaries).

      Primarily the two groups focus is to collaborate with each other, while merchants harvest resources mercenaries patrol the zone/fame farm to protect our merchants. The guild taxes mercenaries' silver drops which it uses to buy merchants resources. The guild armorer then uses the resources to supply said groups with the armors they need (equal to the number of resources invested). Additionally groups can agree on different means of payment.

      Outside of the guild others are right, there's not a major call for mercenaries, but that's also because most guilds aren't dedicated to rally around calls for help with gankers, where as we do.

    • Starr_The_Wanderer -

      Thanks for the reply - I also spoke to one of your EU guys on Discord last night. We are still preferring to join a full time mercenary guild if they exist in game but if not we may well apply to join your ranks if you'd like to take us, however atm we are still trying to keep our options open because once we commit to a guild we intend being model members and playing pretty hardcore if we get hooked :)

    • Rhaegar -

      We play with full time mercs.

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    i'd like to talk to you about your plans on release Building the best guild in albion! Join us in discord! discord.gg/kxfaXBc

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    Rhaegar invite me to guild in game please name :Qadavra

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    Yo bro... add me to the mysterious secret list of doom or whatever you guys are calling it... see you beta side!

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      You calling it for the Alpha Drunder?

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    Ugly liberal <3

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      I'm not Limelight jerk, stop calling me ugly Y~Y lol

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    I will be on minute one till I pass out on monday,after that I'll be mostly on of the evenings (past noon) CST time.

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    Love the name, have you read the books or just a fan of the series?

    • Rhaegar -

      Yeah I've read the main series as well as a world of ice and fire. Absolutely love the series :)

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      Yeah I am a huge fan as well, Prince Aegon is the best.......

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      If he's not a fake. I'm honestly convinced he's an impostor being planted on the throne by Varys to help make Danny's claim that much easier. :p but that's just my speculations haha

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      No ways bro, He is the second dragon and I " think " our John Snow is the third. Lol your son with the lady lyanna

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    Welcome to Albion Online!

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      Thank you! ^^