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  • icarusFM -

    i'd like to talk to you about your plans on release Building the best guild in albion! Join us in discord!

  • Macnult -

    Going by Kestrel's standards, I took your 9/10 avatar and made it 10/10.

    • chille -

      Haha nice

  • LoveCat -

    so chille...if you don't mind if I ask you a question? ...I am new to irc...when I log in at ....then what? is it like ts? do I need to go into another area? ...I dont see anyone and I dont hear anyone? ....I know lame but I usually use in game voice or ts....

    • chille -

      Um im not sure myself, but when i log in i just do my name then for the channel i do #albiononline and thats all. I dont really know if theres any thing else to it but if you have any problems with it Zetecua knows a lot more about it.

    • LoveCat -

      oh okay is it like ts? is it voice chat?...I never hear anyone..

    • chille -

      Nah its text typing

    • Wanderer -

      I diddn't see anyone either. In the top left corner u can click on menu then on options and then check "Show nickname list in channels:" :D:D - sorry just browsing peoples profiles hehe.

    • LoveCat -

      ah! explains so much ;^p thanks chille!

  • Stormlord -

    Lovin your sigs bro and goodluck o7

    • chille -

      Yeah you too! :D

  • EMP -

    This guy is the future of Albion Online.

    • chille -

      Yeah man

  • endrance00 -

    google why

    • chille -

      curious, i liked it

  • Volpe -

    Hello! Could you tell me when I can play Albion as Epic founder?

    • chille -

      I believe the unconfirmed date is the 29th of this month. Im unsure if bercilak has confirmed this.

  • chille -

    I better take a break, been on the forum all day XD

  • DreamHawk -

    Thx M8 :D

  • EdwaddlesThePenguin -


  • elshobokshy -

    I love your pic! :O

    • chille -

      Haha thank you! :D

    • AngryPotato -

      thanks mate your too.

  • Zetecua -

    Welcome to Albion Online!