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  • Walshy -

    So your laptop specs are kind of out dated, Intel core duo processor is pretty weak but 4gb of ram is fine. Your probably getting 7fps because I don't think your laptop has a dedicated graphics card as well as the weak cpu. Unfortunately there might not be a whole lot you can do. Other than doing the basic closing programs etc is all. There are many guides on YouTube that you can use for reference.

    • YoungLincoln -

      Bummer. i figured lol thanks for checking it out for me dude that was really kind of u. i like how one dude jumped on the thread just to start a arguement with me.. gotta love keyboard assasins

  • TomB -

    Hey mate! Whats yours in game name? :)

    • YoungLincoln -

      Sateevah! i just found out my PC can't run the game 7FPS so.. i won't be on it looks like i guess i just have to stick to old Faithful UO

  • OracleGoose -

    Late June / Early July. Download client here But you cannot play until Late June / Early July, est date is 29th June for Q2, no official yet. Be patient