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  • Raithe -

    Erp. Yeah that is why I left Breadsticks and Doughnuts (who WAS in alliance with you there for a much of the first half of last beta). Ended up our 80+man guild had me in as an active and 3 highly inactive and that was it. I moved to the outlands and a larger guild after that. It was a good move.

  • Raithe -

    Hey man Casual United was in the first alliance I was in! How goes the war this beta for you all?

    • Archiemedis -

      Reduced to a small group (did not play much, so i don't know the actual number. Maybe 10), guild leader left sometime in beta 1, alongside 300 players. Never returned.
      So i guess this is it

  • Archiemedis -

    Thank you, Zetecua

  • Zetecua -

    Welcome to Albion Online!