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  • Eldron -

    YoYoYoooo, where u at homeskillet?

    • ablindman -

      I'm waiting on release and saving up for a new computer!! You'll definitely be hearing about me.

    • Eldron -

      Ok, hmu and I'll get you my steam info if you wanna get together with the boys n me.

    • ablindman -

      I just got the pc, i'm resetting it back just having a little issue with it right now.

    • Eldron -

      Noice! Plug in the power cord and get ready to slay.

    • ablindman -

      Slay countless hours getting to t5 rip.

  • Anonymous -

    Blind, need to talk to ya when you get the chance mate

  • Shogun -

    love ur sig ....just wanted to say that ^