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  • Creith -

    Think you and I could talk about your guild (PM me).

  • andyy -

    Hey man i sent an application on your official thread :)

  • Kostan -

    Send a guy a PM, your conversation list is full :P

  • Ratmin -

    G'day mate. Been popping in teamspeak and sitting in the "Waiting to be recruited" channel, but seem to have missed you my last two tries. I'll be chilling in there after work tonight (8 or so hours after this post) to try again.

    • MaxThePilot -

      Alright se you soon once you get there poke one of our officers, sorry man :(

    • Ratmin -

      No problem mate. I just got home, and need to do a few things first. Hopefully you'll be kicking around in at most an hour? Hopefully catch you then.

  • Tritex -

    hey, im looking for an invite whenever someone gets the Chance(Tritex)

    • Tritex -


    • MaxThePilot -

      I sure will man can you hop on our TS whenever you get a chance

  • Smithy022 -

    sorry i got wife agro during teamspeak

    • MaxThePilot -

      Hey man it`s okay come back on ts

  • Maru -

    hey lol how do i find my inbox nub to these forums?

    • MaxThePilot -

      It`s all good man :) Go to left upper corner, there is Conversations button, click on that! :)

  • Scauldron -

    I like your interest in farming...

    • MaxThePilot -

      Farming sim 2015 is my fav game :D

    • MercurEye -

      Right next to Euro Truck Simulator? XD

    • MaxThePilot -