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  • SirGarrockSnow -

    Hey there :D Can i get a Sig/banner ?

    • Wizz-Fizz -

      hey mate, i have currently stopped doing them as i was getting flooded with people and ran out of time in the days. sorry bro :)

    • SirGarrockSnow -

      Np man :3 see you in CBT

  • Hydrain -

    Hello Wizz-Fizz, wondering if you could make me a avatar if you can. If so, i really dont mind what it is as long as it goes together with my username. One suggestion would be like having a [water] drain-ish looking background with "HYDRAIN" typed over in a liquid font. Do whatever you feel looks best, thank you.

    • Wizz-Fizz -

      Please post to my thread, the link is in the post below.

  • Wizz-Fizz -

    Dont know how to make a sig/banner? click here forum.albiononline.com/index.p…Forum-Wizz-Fizz/?pageNo=1

  • Wizz-Fizz -

    Working in a mine. Middle of the desert. And still trolling through forums. Lol