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    Hey you

  • Immortal -

    Looks like the legendary horse guy created three more accounts just to upvote himself. Just wanted to let you know!

  • FlufferPope -

    Hey, thanks for running a contest. It adds a bit of excitement and anticipation to the forums. Whoever wins, it's great!

    • RageSith -

      Thanks, im a bit disapointed why people turn good things into bad only cause the dont like how it goes :(

    • FlufferPope -

      I think most people are happy with it. Only one or two are upset. Most people seem to be enjoying the pictures. Personally, I loved that horse.

    • RageSith -


  • AbunA -

    hi there!!! i really appreciate what u are doing :), though i have a concern, what about the pics that get disliked ( people will dislike others pics only because they dont like the person that made it not the pic ) so i was wondering if u are going to count dislikes too.

  • Fenrir -

    Can I make it in MS paint? on web? couse i got windows 7 paint.

    • RageSith -

      Anything thats equal to paint - I said Paint cause using Photoshop or something similar might be kinda "overdressed" to people who really use paint!

  • GER'AR -

    (ein verspätetes) Willkommen