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, Reading thread Awaken weapons the biggest silver sink yet.
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    Bows REALLY need a looking at, if you look at the top GvG teams, doubt very much any single one of them uses bows in any of their A-Team Comps, This is because bows became that nerfed into the ground their generally useless in terms of other weapons.

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    i also i use "unity" software so ill soon put them on display computer design.

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    who do i talk to about sending in game designs, ive won other mmorpg fan contest's and i already started some amazing sketches

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    Please talk to talion, he got a PM, important stuff

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    Hey man who I talk to when my account got hacked? Lost my stach in the city and all my silver

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      Sorry, to hear you have been hacked. Try to contact Community management about it. That is @Beelzebabb & @nogare