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  • Javier -

    i miss you!

    • MissGaming -

      But i know you miss Kyria more :P

  • Raczer -

    Hi, MissGaming! I'm from Acheron, a scandinavian guild. If you aren't already in a guild. We're currently looking for scandinavian players with good history and experience from MMOs in the past. I read your introduction on the forum and i would very much like to have you in our ranks. If you want to help us get the guild up on its feet, it sure is a free spot for more officer aboard! :)
    If you're interested, please accept our special invitation. Apply here and I will approve your apply.(albionacheron.enjin.com/recruitment)

    • MissGaming -

      Scandinavian guild and you from Acheron, don't you think something wrong there or i misunderstand?

    • Raczer -

      Well, Acheron is the name, but we're scandinavians :)
      At least at the moment. At this moment we discuss if we want to be scandinavian or international.

    • MissGaming -

      Just checked out about your guild. I really want to join Scandinavian guild, but don't feel like this guild is for me. But good luck :)

  • Zipcouda -

    I guess this is a bit late, but welcome to the forums. What is that anime btw in your avatar?

  • yogafire -

    Welcome to the forum. :)

    • MissGaming -

      Oh thank:), but not going use forum much, only for finding guild:)