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, Reading thread Can you move guild islands usually?
  • LordIsi -

    I wish all my friends and former allies still playing the best of luck, and kick ass for me.

  • Timmy -

    After all the years, Albion is finally having it's official release and I can't help but remember back to when you first taught me the Albion ways. Wish I could start with you by my side in this final hour. Wishing you the best buddy <3

  • icarusFM -

    i'd like to talk to you about your plans on release Building the best guild in albion! Join us in discord! discord.gg/kxfaXBc

  • Timmy -

    RIP fallen brother <3

  • FlufferPope -

    Hey, is Genesis still active as a guild?

  • Timmy -

    you could of at least told me you were quitting

    • LordIsi -

      The discontent was a long time coming, and it reached a boiling point sooner than i wanted to. Besides, for albion, joining rip would benefit you way more than staying with us, you want to kill shit, and genesis is more crafting, as well as the time zone difference.

    • Timmy -

      Maybe we can talk in Skype sometime about everything when your not busy bro?

  • Cramit845 -

    Hey Lordlsi, replied to your post in my recruitment thread. Spoke with my buddy Sindog and we'd be interested in joining so send me a msg when ya can.

  • Jet -

    Hi, Lsi. I am new to the game and would like to join your guild. I am located in California and I plan to main PvE and gathering.

    • LordIsi -

      *isi btw, theres two i's, and while we are not officially recruiting right now, I will be making an announcement about it tomorrow on our recruitment thread.

  • Reinhold -

    Greeting, I'm an old school arcade junky that progressed into mmo's. love mining and crafting not so much pvp. guess one of the things i'll miss about UO is the ablity to color a bag green, hide it in the grass till its saft to retrive it. Anyway I have the Leg. Founder's Pack, took a week of vacations and would be very interested in applying in your giuld

  • HyperDunk -

    So uh... How do I get in one of these guilds... like is it before the game starts? or in game?

    • LordIsi -

      both. most guilds will allow applications before the alpha starts, as well as during the alphas themselves.

  • Ana -


  • Nashua -

    Where is ladyokamia?

  • HaH Reported -

    I look for-word to looting you ingame with my allies.

    • RentalDoctor411 -

      For the size of his guild. I think he going be looting you and your allies.

    • HaH Reported -

      Seeing how you dont know who my allies are that statement is false but i'm sure it will work both ways.

    • RentalDoctor411 -

      Who are they?

    • Legion -

      remember my name HaH since I'll be a part of the group skull fudging your corpse when you and your "allies" fall dead at our front door. You must feel so hard going into a recruitment forum and talking trash but ya see, the thing is, i seem to be better at it than you. So go start a thread about how your a big bad PKer and drown in your absent mindedness.

    • LordIsi -

      *smacks Legion* No. Bad. We're not douchebags in Genesis, so show a little respect even if we are enemies.

  • DancinHero -

    hello sir i applied like few days ago and i didnt get any reply from u guys o_o

  • Jaffakeik -

    App submitted on your webpage

  • DancinHero -

    hello sir i would like to join genesis for the upcoming winter alpha test :)

  • Gediminas -

    App submitted

  • tbsalois -

    Can you accept my guild request on your web site ( but not in game yet haven't started playing)???

  • Limelight -

    Do you have vent?

  • Taric -

    Hey I am interested in joining Genesis :). Just wondering about the recruitment process and how to join.

  • Immortal -

    I'll confirm it. You guessed correctly. Nice job I must admit :) Rook is going to be sad. Not going to try to break in again so no worries there.

    • Immortal -

      Presuming TS gave it away though

    • LordIsi -

      i've had suspicions for a while, your application not having sat right with me from the get go. to be honest, for me, the biggest tell was how you interacted with the others, they seemed to avoid you, as well as Twe, Timmy and Hectar saying that you seemed "off". Good job though :P

    • LordIsi -

      advice for the future: Dont be yourself as a spy. People have speech/writing patterns that kind of reveal their personalities in a way, like a brushstroke defines a painter.

    • Immortal -

      I wondered about if I was coming across the same. Tried to be opposite, but some of my phrasing is consistent. (I would barely skim your forums; it was shared with a few others)

    • Immortal -

      Very good pickup on your part though

  • UnbatedToaster -

    Okotoks.....thanks for the welcome....

    • LordIsi -

      my aunt used to live there when i was like... eight...ish? pretty town from what i can see with my blurry memories. and it was a terrible welcome, lemme fix that!

    • UnbatedToaster -

      no worries...Okotoks ain't no little town no more...bedroom community for Calgary lol

  • Timmy_ -

    Check your inbox mate

  • LordIsi -

    FOR GENESIS GUILD APPLICATIONS: start a conversaition with me on the albion forums, or fill out the form on our guild forums here: genesisempire.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=415061

  • Tumult -

    Would like to join but don't see the application link.

  • Hyperkillx -

    I would like to join also. I played Conquer Online for way too long. Back in my younger days. And here i could contribute my PVP skills and crafting and hunting to the guild.

  • Fylex -

    May I have a link to an application form?

  • Skandrake -

    I am very interested in joining the Empire. I have a lot of experience to offer the guild, not to mention a lot of time to kill when I am home :)

  • hajee -

    As the leader of Copyright Infringement I would like to extend an alliance to your guild

  • Kylo -

    Not really sure how to start a pm but I'm interested in joining your guild. I've been looking for one since i heard the announcement about them releasing the founders pack soon, and yours looks like the perfect guild for me