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  • Pooportunity -

    Hi. Could we please have a Dutch Forum? If needed, I could be a Moderator for it to keep it healthy.

  • KeRin -

    Congrats on 4.000 Posts

  • Legion -

    Rural village in Ohio!!! But Im from a rural village in Ohio!!!

    • Zetecua -

      Well there certainly are a lot of rural villages in Ohio!

  • Stormlord -

    AYYYYEEEE - I thought you had gone *waves*

    • Zetecua -

      *waves back*. Not gone at all Lord of storms!

  • IRQuinn -

    Could you or one of your team check my thread, bought the game but not been able to play due to screen freezing every 15 seconds. Other people have this problem too and so far i haven't seen any Dev replies on this matter.

  • EdenG -

    Hello, I have a problem, 30 m I bought the founder package to play with a friend, and when I try to open the game does not open the launcher

    • Zetecua -

      Best thing to do is to contact support@albiononline.com with questions. They should be able to help with client issues on each of the supported platforms.

    • EdenG -

      Oh, Thanks

  • Saulgoodman -

    Hi Zetucua, I have some fps problem, i have perma 15 fps.

    This is my config : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4440 CPU @ 3.10GHz, 3101 MHz, 4 cœur(s), 4 processeur(s) logique(s)
    RAM : 8GO
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 705 .
    Is that normal ? ( Sorry for my bad english ahah )

  • Zisam -

    Hi Zetecua, I have a question.
    If I buy a founding pack is to the official release of the game I have to buy the game or with the founding pack I do not need to buy it ?
    Thank you for your answer,
    Have a nice day, see you soon on albion. (sorry for my english)

    • Zetecua -

      If you purchase a Founder Pack, you will be able to play now in this beta test and will be able to play at and after release. If you wait until release, the packs will change to a Starter Pack, which will provide a bit less benefit. Hope that helps!

    • Zisam -

      You answered my question thank you very much
      And thank you for responding quickly.

  • frankol23pl -

    hello Stonehengego into the stone circle..

  • Itsbeans -

    Hello Zetecua! Thanks for the positive help you provided me with in game!

  • MobbyDeep -

    Hi zetecua, how are u? im new here and i need help. I have a problem with my launcher, when i open it he crashes i tried everything but it didnt work... Good day/evening,Night. Ah and sorry for my bad english haha

  • Taunttt -


    • Zetecua -

      Unfortunately, I am unable to generate or distribute keys.

    • Taunttt -

      who is capable to do this ?

  • Genova.- -

    Hi Zetecua, sorry for using this medium for my problem.

    I wish to upgrade my Founder Pack, but when i try the payment with credit card or my Paypal account the system refuse the transaction.
    I contacted the support several times and did not solve the problem.
    ¿You can help me please?.


  • SandManSMPT -

    Can you give me the odd file i cant istall and i have every thing that needs to work still it cant istall?

    Plese i need to play!

  • betojed -

    Hi Ztetecua, how are you? , I´mlooking for a key activation. Do you have one that you don´t use it?

    • Zetecua -

      Hello betojed, To play Albion Online, you will need to purchase a Founder's Pack from our website shop. Unfortunately I am unable to create or distribute Founder's Pack keys. Good Luck and hope to see you in-game!

    • HaH Reported -

      here you go 79551515568 get it before someone else does!

    • betojed -

      oh , someone else got it :(

  • Malgash -

    this game should be the best!! hope we all can help to build a pretty community!! Lucky to you all guys!!

  • AbunA -

    It's been a long time since the last time we chatted. Hope you doing well :)

    • Zetecua -

      Doing well and staying busy. I hope life has treated you well also!

  • Ivan13267 -

    How do i reserve my name? :\

    • Zetecua -

      Well, if you're after the name Ivan, and Reservation on name is based on forum name, that forum account was created back in 2014.

  • fella -

    how da u get super moderator? wtf how that work!?

  • laphis -

    have a key, I want to play

    • Zetecua -

      Unfortunately, I cannot generate or distribute keys, sorry.

  • Zulfure -

    Hi. I have a problem. buy the basic account yesterday and was not given 30 days premium . I can not buy the island. please help.

    • Zetecua -

      Hey, I suspect that you may have more than 1 character, as premium is added to the first character you login with. If you are playing a second character, you will need to purchase a minimum of 30 days of premium to unlock the ability to purchase an island.

  • SteveLeon -

    Heya, thx man!


    We are from belgium and netherlands, and we are a dutch guild, we need new members to be able to find us in search button, only 8 languages to choose now, that doesn't mean the game must be in that language but at least they should know we are a dutch speaking guild, thx


    We need more languages in the search for guilds, we are dutch guild, speaking dutch, it would be nice, if new guys searching a guild they could click dutch, thx

  • Mediphis -

    hello zet. i bought an account and the pament was taken then sudinly is started saying that i did not buy a key. pleese help

  • Cirino -

    Comprei o jogo com presente e não recebi nem um email ainda. Gostaria de saber como eu olho para saber para qual email eu mandei o presente?

  • Gashkun -

    como faço pra jogar no jogo eu criei a conta baixei mais fala que tenho que ter chave pra jogar me ajuda por favor

  • YoungDragino -

    Hey bro can you help me out I got banned and didn't do anything.

  • Vespasia -

    can you help me please - not able to log on - keep getting this message:

    mono: function mono_set_break_policy not found