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  • icarusFM -

    i'd like to talk to you about your plans on release Building the best guild in albion! Join us in discord!

  • AlbionOnlineftw -

    Hey storm The academy thread linked in the guild registry says please close would you like this linked changed or can i remove the guild from the list. Please get back to me within 72 hours.

    • Stormlord -

      No man the academy is gone - you can close thanks

  • Taunttt -


  • Sneex -


    • Stormlord -

      IM CALLIN THE DAMN MODS! nnn shit!

  • Therese -

    Thank you.

  • Therese -

    Hi there where is your guild island situated?

    • Stormlord -

      The Academie's island is situated in kingsmarket.

  • Arnson -

    Some people in the forums seem to hate you, why do I like you?

    • Stormlord -

      I am that kinda guy it seems ;)

    • Arnson -

      Your avatar is adorable by the way.

  • Percyvelle -

    Which guild are you currently im?

    • Stormlord -

      solo atm but i will be waiting till open ^^

  • SteelGod -

    Hey there! Any chance to become a member of the Academy? How can I actually apply for joining?

    • Stormlord -

      have a chat to @elevorn or @grexx

    • Stormlord -

      i am no longer apart of the academy *drama alert*

    • SteelGod -

      Damn, your posts made me want to join the guild and I actually did yesterday. Kinda disappointed you are not a part of it anymore. I might add that it seems very strange since you are the founder.

    • Katna -

      That is disappointing to hear. I will be joining the game world soon as I'm finished downloading updates and was going to seek that out. Maybe we should consider making a 'invite only ' guild for people we have actually had communications with to help limit such dramas ?

  • Kay -

    Hello Stormlord!
    After reading the Guild Spotlight, I became very interested and was wondering if I could join your guild once Final Beta comes out! I want to help all I can!

  • Raithe -

    Casual guild here....Breadsticks and Doughnuts. We have a plan in place for our resources and crafting. Looking for an alliance that allows for merchant access to the badlands and PvP access for those of us that want in. Gimme a yell if you want details . we'd love to set up something. Peace.

    • Stormlord -

      Fickin cool name dude - check your pms

  • Exodus. -


  • ZionDizl -

    Hey big fella, you playing this beta, if so, #iwillridewithyou

  • Critologist -

    Hows the pre-beta testing going?

    • Stormlord -

      It is interesting but limited - they are not showing us much

    • Critologist -

      Hey bro, I been thinking and talking to different guilds for Beta II. I think I would like to join The Academy, plus my name fits well there ;) Take care bro

    • Stormlord -

      awesome man - your welcome

  • blast204 -

    Good luck with your guild, I hope we can keep on friendly terms as i'll be trading more than ever

  • Bulbasaur -




    • Stormlord -

      is that the wink of a BADASS PRIMO COMEBACK!? :D


      ima aways here bro, just waiting the game release haha, beta players make soooo much drama for nothing

  • Rook -

    Wait @elsa is beelz??? Mind blown

  • Nervontuxis -

    Good job with the Academy man, i'll see you later and hopefully we can get that raccoon some fame :)

    • Stormlord -

      We will save all de noobelahs!! :D

  • Archiemedis -

    Yo Storm! Delete some conversations, i can't open a new one :D. Want to talk about your HUB idea

    • Stormlord -

      sorry man all good now

  • Wargorth -

    What guild are u in now? lol

    • Stormlord -

      Undecided atm and yourself?

    • Wargorth -

      fek all current guilds ;)

  • Ravenar -

    Terve @'Stormlord' :thumbup: , so much has happened last few months that I have been abcent but you being in Finnstack, i never would have imagined​ lol

    • Stormlord -

      i am SQUAD but i have loaned my sexy ass too the fins

  • Jahias -

    Suck my butthole

    • Stormlord -

      so wrong - so verryyy wrong

  • Toitus -

    Hey there, hoping to catch you online one of these days. I just started the game a couple days ago and I saw your post in the guild recruitment section. I'm interested in joining if you're still recruiting. Thanks.

    • Stormlord -

      Sorry man - Orbis has disbanded - all the best bro <3

  • Nurvdamage -

    When am I getting one of our fancy guild signature Orbis Alius thingies for the forums O.O

  • Jahias -

    Rekt Master Alert

  • Stormlord. -

    lol hater.

  • Cuboidnet -

    Wow storm, you've really become popular on this forum.

    • Stormlord -

      Im just noisy lol

  • Jose -

    Hey Stormlord,

    I applied to register to the forums of Orbis after you're acceptance message and my application to the forums got rejected... What happened? Could you please advise?

    I applied again BTW (today, Nov 21st).

  • Oli -

    Stormlord has reached the maximum conversation limit and cannot participate in a new one

    • Stormlord -

      Whats up brosef?