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  • 30
  • from Aalborg, Denmark
  • Member since Feb 13th 2015
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  • Efka -

    Hey, im looking to join the Wild West guild, I love to pvp, dungeon raid, teamwork and progressing, learning new things. I do a fair bit of gathering farming and all that jazz to be able to keep self sufficient on a level. Although I'm fairly new, currently T5 in ranger armour and weapon but im learning fast and would love to join this guild.

  • HaH Reported -

    ​Is Welfarestate still active? Please let me know or i will have to remove you from the guild registry.

  • Formatted -

    How's the test going bro

    • Kreedee -

      Prety good. A little autistic with all this crafting and gathering, but i'll get through :D How about you bro? :P

  • Mister -

    hey hey how r u ?? so u will make a guild?? by the way Drakul here.. if u will make one i will join..just wanna have fun in the game :)