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  • Infinitam -

    Yo Swanson! Hoe ging 't afgelopen alpha met Log Horizon?

  • Fenrir -

    Yell my name when you re in game .d

    • Swanson -

      I tried to add you but you were ingame. Just apply for the guild and i'll add you :p

    • Swanson -

      you were in a guild*

  • Thorgal -

    i just have to say... that is one HELL of a signature!

    • Swanson -

      Thank you it was made by @Ahosus

  • King_Caesar -

    I like the animated profile avatar.

    • Swanson -

      Thanks! I think i'm one of the few actually using an animated avatar :)µ

  • AbunA -

    if there is a way i can help u with the website let me know

    • Swanson -

      Register on the forums/website. albionnation.com. I'm trying to get everything ready to launch the 26th.

  • Khor -

    You're the worst at

    • Swanson -

      I like

  • Immortal -


  • LaurensLaugh -

    Your profile picture is AWESOME(and cute)!! :D

  • Urud7 -

    LOGHORIZON..... sound epice, strongly hope to see city of player merged together for peace and prosperity

  • kinglazyOO -

    1 question for a leader of Log Horizon ..R u really gona be LONG-TERM player>>

    • Ahosus -

      If he don't I will ;)

    • Urud7 -

      quote for me, we are here to remain