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  • icarusFM -

    i'd like to talk to you about your plans on release Building the best guild in albion! Join us in discord!

  • OracleGoose -

    love your website. keep it up Dogin !!!

  • elshobokshy -

    The website in your signature got nice info but isn't well made in my opinion :( Is it yours?

    • elshobokshy -

      It has got TOO many ads, which isn't that great to look at as people hate ads and the site isn't really complete yet :/

    • Dodgin -

      Use adblock!

    • elshobokshy -

      Great idea :D And is the site reliable as of now? Or not yet cuz everything's changing?

    • Dodgin -

      Not yet everything is changing - there's a totally new version coming out soon too, with much more user friendly features

  • Zerogeist -

    Hello, odd issues in multiple browsers with app. Posted content in a forum post:

    • Dodgin -

      Thanks! That version is going away soon, with the new alpha comes a new albionmeta! Thanks for the report

  • PKdannyboy -

    I typed all the info into the application and it crashed...went back copied all the info into NotePad and tried again and I got the same forbidden message...*sighs*

    • PKdannyboy -

      I logged out and back in...Crashed a third time....=\ Am I part of the guild yet? lol at this point I'll go through a verbal app.

    • Fori -

      We are trying to sort out that problem. Have you registered on the site? - you can apply on the forums as well or by joining our TS and talk to one of the officers. Host: Port: 9987