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  • Ronix -

    ae, como faço para falar contigo?

  • Gean -

    Ola Karma,

    Vi o seu Vídeo youtube.com/watch?v=bSTunjfj5-s , Achei muito foda , continua fazendo mais se der, um dos melhores videos de Farme de Albion que eu vi !!! Espero te ver Oline

    Abraço by : Gean do Clan MyrmindonBR

    • Karma -

      Obrigado Gean, vamos ver se no CBT faço mais alguns. Abraços.

  • Areyoupagodin -

    You need to enable BB codes in signature settings for those pics to work.

    • Karma -

      THanks a lot!

  • Karma -

    Hey, are you DEAD in game? Yes it was me. I need to get in contact with everyone. I have been quite busy but once things settle ill let you know. Thnkas

  • HaH Reported -

    Hey Karma, was your IGN the same last test? Do the remaining members of welfare state plan on staying in UNDEAD? If they do i would highly recommend having your members register at the guild website and register for there desired roles.