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  • OviCena -

    Pls pls sister do something for me ;( I wanna play the Albion ;(

  • OviCena -

    Sister thank u for reply me :( I faced a really big problem :( 1st Im from Bangladesh and I think Im the only Albion Lover from BD :( But I can't play coz I dont have any founder pack :( 2nd Im a kid and 3rd Im a poor :( but some How I wants to play that game :( is there any way to play that game without founder pack :( pls dont say to reffer other user :(

    • QueenCandy -

      Nope, sorry

    • Hostyle -

      LOL @ this post

  • OviCena -

    Hello Sister :(

  • HaH Reported -

    Welcome to AO