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    I'm a visitor at albion online and i haven't played the game yet ,though its an awesome game ,there a few things to consider by the producers to make the game at its absolute best.

    For years,me and my friends used to engage in online games such as COC and clash royal,we always did enjoy playing them because they were awesome and short term games (like for a 5 minutes max per hour)so we used to play them while studying take a 5 min brake then get back to our studies and even in the gym while lifting weights log in one time each 2 hours period then continue our daily life without forcing our time into it and forgeting our work and our studies.

    For albion online its really a one of akind game, its features are exeptionnal and its graphics audio and gameplay are at a level for MMOs never seen before.

    Nevertheless, it can be a very addicting game for players that are unmature and also for 18 to 21 years old players, and yes sometimes too much of something isn't good (said by the most successful classmate both an exeptionnal athlete and a brilliant student).

    In conclusion the game can be at its best if producers ;first of all ,introduce farming to the absolute best next level; and second of all, put time limits for players in consideration with their lifestyle and age ,for example:

    At the beginning of the game ask the player questions considering why he wants to play the game , his job , his age and then calculate the time limit for him to play the game per day.Why?

    Well all in all but not in last ,the most successful games are the ones that accomodate a time limit for a person to play the game each such as COC which has a 5 hour limit then the game will send to the player a note telling to do something in his life rather than playing the game all day long.

    Finally the most heard phrase my friends say when i'm telling them about a game that is gonna be exeptionnal and awesome while inviting them to play with me is "don't thing like that bro ,a game is playable if it doesn't take a lot of the players' time in a day".

    I'm really looking forward to the release,

    Thank you for your efforts and consideration.