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  • Tuiuiu -

    Hello, thanks for the response. I've replied on my own wall and you didn't respond, so, i'm posting here.
    I have a few questions, if you don't mind to answer....
    how many players you have in this guild?
    will be "roles" for crafting stuff?
    which city will be the guild island?
    what time does the majority of the players are online?

    Thanks in advance =)!

  • ValkyrieSki -

    Do you think you would have people on from 2pm-10pm EST cause I work nights so can't play past 10pm which sucks cause I can't really play with anyone PST and only earlier players in EST.

    • zpena -

      Oh, definitely. Not only is the right hand in EST, she also isn't working right now haha. She'll be on a ton all hours of the day, and we're getting some more of our EST and PST buddies on the game, too. Our guild name is easily recognizeable, so expect a lot more members to group with after launch.

    • ValkyrieSki -

      Do you have a discord I could join? Also I am really excited about being a dedicated crafter/gather I will do other stuff but want to do mostly crafting will that be ok

    • zpena -

      We definitely have a Discord: discord.gg/t3QupUV

      Any job you'd like to do is okay with us. We're not going to make you stick in a role if you don't enjoy it! Looking forward to gathering with you!