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  • Volkk -

    I appreciate the reply. I'm still doing some shopping around, but I'll keep your offer in mind.

    It's difficult to decide what I want so early on in the game tbh haha. And I'm not planning on jumping around guilds too often due to the possible future allegations of espionage people in this game can carry, so I want to find a guild I can stay in for the long term.

    • captianbeetle -

      I understand your concern. It can be difficult to find a place you feel at home. My doors are always open. I do my best to keep drama out of my guild. The way I see it, if you're in my guild you're family, and I don't let people mess with my family. Any drama causers are let go~ We are not aligned with any of the Zerg guilds or Alliances, so there is no need for fear of Espionage or what not.