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  • Member since Jan 4th 2015

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  • icarusFM -

    i'd like to talk to you about your plans on release Building the best guild in albion! Join us in discord!

  • gurgo -

    I miss this little bugger

  • Xlusive -

    Why was he banned?

  • Armourguard -

    Ban bro's for life!

  • Pagodinstillhere -

    Still here!

  • Areyoupagodin -

    People still Lurk! Pago sees you! Pago misses you! Bercilak smells bad

  • Pagodin -

    Test, 1, 2 check check

  • Undeadpuppy0 -

    Hi just dropping by XD

  • tilko40 -

    i need redeem code please give me iam sooo SAD i will join you in game

  • HaH Reported -

    Welcome to AO!

  • Tajger -


    • Tajger -

      Boook boook!

  • Zetecua -

    Welcome to Albion Online!