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  • Legion -

    Plz help. Im a founder but the email I originally used I can no longer gain access too. Its the same email a d password im using now to login. I changed the password for my gmail 6 months ago and cant remember for the life of me what the new password is so Id like to change the primary email on my account. I can prove its me however you would like. Id just like this addressed soon if possible as Id like return to playing asap. Thanks you very much :) I can provide previous character name as well as guild and email and password.

  • daleyrofl -


  • Kailo -

    I would like to have my account name changed can some one help me with this ?

  • Knefi -

    hello i have deleted my first character and lost all my founder extras.....i need help otherwise it dont make sense to play this game until juli

  • Dandelion -

    Hello, Is it possible to return money back? this game is not what i was expecting.

  • Greenback -

    Is this how you guys run your business?…?postID=392641#post392641

  • Bulbasaur -

    Hello, this may seem like an odd question, but I have really fallen in love with this game. ... and i see that the community is small (ish) and that the administration may need some help once in a while with managing.... i wanted to ask if I could be of some assistance? Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help the community! ^^

  • Zulfure -

    Hi. I have a problem. buy the basic account yesterday and was not given 30 days premium . I can not buy the island. please help.

  • Zulfure -

    Hi. There are some moderator to speak Spanish ? i have a problem... plss

  • Razeluxe -

    hi, i buyed the founder pack installed the windows version of the game and it doesn't run because of an error message 0xc000007b i don't know what to do tried to reinstall visual and the game several time but it doesn't work i have a windows 7 professional x64

  • HOO -

    i cant open bank and ah
    well me why!

  • Zigoto -

    Hi, i buy legendary-founder but when i go redeen my key a error ocurred! i need help

  • kristina1961 -

    All of my gold was wiped from my account. All I have now is what I sold on AH for 11,000 silver.... help please!!

  • OviCena -

    Sir I faced a really big problem :( 1st Im from Bangladesh and I think Im the only Albion Lover from BD :( But I can't play coz I dont have any founder pack :( 2nd Im a kid and 3rd Im a poor :( but some How I wants to play that game :( is there any way to play that game without founder pack :( pls dont say to reffer other user :(