No black market loot in crystal gvg's

    • So it looks like the average drop value of BM LOOT per player is (if i calculated correctly) around 4666 silver per roll, where you get 8 rolls for a 150-0 win, no matter the tower level. So you expect to see 100-200k value of black market drops per win for the team in total. Given that a lot of flat 7 gear is very cheap (less then 10k) the chance of not getting any loot in 3 wins, not having heard of any loot from other teams in my guild and not even in my alliance (SAVE) after asking multiple times seems very low, given the amount of rolls being done overall.

      Either my understanding of the loot rolls and loot tables is wrong, meaning the chance is much lower and i'd argue the chance is too low overall. Or, which is what i expect in the first place, the loot is bugged and doesn't work.

      Either case, the loot seems to need to be adjusted.

      EDIT: I finally managed to find someone who got a drop: it was 1 t8.0 glaive
      Still the drops seem to be very very low. Can you give an indication of the amount of loot that drops?

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