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    • hi Mo,
      wery good that you joined team!!
      I have a Smart Cast improve suggestion: now, when you not selected any target (and spell requires target) firstly Smart cast chooses target that most close to cursor, and then applying spell on that. But, if you have any target selected (valid for spell), then smartcast will NOT find what' s closest to cursor, he will run and cast at currently selected target.
      I suppose adding one more Smartcast mode, when on cast, it will always analyze what's close to cursor (valid for spell type), select it, and then cast on that.

      For example for now I must always hit "x" (deselect current target) prior to casting, so smartcast will select closest target under my cursor, when I play healer and wish to heal targets on-map, rather than via F1...F10
    • Are you here to improve UI in a visual way (glitches, general look) or UX as well ? (QoL?)

      We had to wait over a year to have stack and sort buttons in our character's inventory. I hope you will start a personal crusade against poor UX the game has.

      Good luck :)
    • "Last Activity - A moment ago, Reading thread STUPID BS" - Mo Profile
      I didn't even know that you can track someone like that via. forum user page :D
      Welcome to Albion Team Mo!

      Edit: Im also singing down under new Cursor idea, you can lost track of it in some intense scenarios. As easy to introduce solution - there could be an option to give it a "dropshadow" effect in any wanted color, like red/pink etc. to make it more visible. This should be also easy-to-code option.

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    • GrayMo wrote:


      Theat wrote:

      I almost forgot....

      For the love of God please change the mouse cursor since the position is easily lost in ZVZ or any PVP fight!!! Make it EASY TO SEE, please and thank you!
      Will look into ways to improve the cursor visibility! @DuendeBrek's idea might be a way to improve visibility without being to invasive with the current cursor. Going to give it a try!

      I did and the modified cursors work really well!
    • GrayMo wrote:


      Thanks for the feedback! Will look into it and try to find some better solutions for the stated problems!
      And dont worry, you're not dumb :P . There is a limit on the buffs/debuffs that are shown. If more buffs/debuffs are currently applied than are able to be displayed you can find out via a mouseover.


      Barloch wrote:

      How about a view that allows us to see where any owned items are located ala EvE's UI? Having to travel just to see what's in a chest is......

      - Bar

      P.S. when looking at an item in backpackinventory, the gui overlaps the inventory screen slightly, can you move it to the left so it's not blocking the inventory. Thx.
      As stated, we would love to have this! We are trying to find a solution for this, but are very limited due to some technical restrictions with the way different map clusters work.
      Also, I am not quite sure what you mean with the overlapping of Inventory and GUI. Providing a little bit of extra information (what HUD size and resolution are you playing on?) or posting a screenshot could help.
      @GrayMo Here is a SS of what I'm talking about. Annoying but not game breaking:
      Also, can we get the purchase of laborers to have a quantity wtb instead of buying one at a time? Thx.

      - Bar
      As George Lucas cynically put it in the Seventies, "Emotionally involving the audience is easy.
      Anybody can do it blindfolded. Get a little kitten and have some guy wring its neck."

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    • @GrayMo Can you please fix this? I can't tell easily if my parties in the zone or not because the shade of red is way too similar without physically looking at the party screen. Can you use a different color maybe something darker grey like it used to be?
      • canttell.PNG

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      Ign - Sllice
    • A quality-of-life change regarding laborers.

      The distance we have to move the mouse and the amount of clicks we have to do to use laborers is excessive.

      In literally all other mmorpg's with a "laborer"-type of system, the player doesn't actually need to move to access the different workers. We have to move in Albion, which is fine. But it puts Albion in a position where the worker UI is already more combersome than the rest of the market.

      This is an overview of all the steps we have to go through to use laborers:

      1. Grab the books from a chest
      2. Move to a new house every 3 laborers
      3. Click the laborer (center of the screen)
      4. Click "Take all" (left side of the screen)
      5. Shift+Click the book in my inventory (right side of screen)
      6. Click "Accept" in the laborer interface (left side of screen)
      This doesn't sound like a lot. But when players have to go through just one full island of laborers, it's just crazy cumbersome. Its the only thing more boring than the old farming interface (good job on changing that to whoever changed it!)

      Here's a picture with all the mouse movement we have to do. It doesn't seem like a lot. But compared to other mmorpg's on the market, it's obvious that the guys who originally made this interface had absolutely no idea about how to structure an interface in a meaningful way.