Testserver Patch Notes - Nimue Patch #1

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    • Testserver Patch Notes - Nimue Patch #1

      Nimue Patch #1 - Ver. 1.13.369 / REV 131092

      Changes and Improvements
      • Increased durability of player houses to prevent accidentally destroying a building by misclicking (buildings will be strengthened further in Patch 2, particularly the T8 Legendary House)
      • Switched positions of "track" and "auto-learn" buttons in Destiny Board UI (previously looked strange when only tracking button was enabled)
      • Adjusted minimap ping animation: cooldown corresponds to new animation speed, and ping now appears over zerg indicators
      • Updated party display for players outside of cluster or in an instance (e.g. Expedition)
      • Replaced text buttons for guild account logs with smaller buttons + icon, and added new dropdown in log UI to select currency type
      • Certain UI popups no longer appear during GvGs (e.g. "your guild lost an attack in...")
      • World map territory UI now displays points like before rogue mages (current owner points, potential owner points, negated points)
      • Added Saddler voiceover
      • Updated Royal Banner spell animation
      • Improved animation and visuals for Internal Bleeding spell (Dual Axe)
      • Updates to vanity fireworks:
        • Fireworks are now sold in stacks of 5 (instead of 20)
        • Single Red Firework price: 25 Gold → 20 Gold
        • Updated firework animations and sounds
      • Fixed several issues with the Party Finder UI:
        • Changing leaders no longer creates a new party in "Other Parties" section
        • Filters now reset correctly in "enlist" view
        • UI now closes as intended when leaving a search
        • Added a clear error message when attempting to use the Party Finder with a full party
        • Party roles can now be selected in custom or Crystal Realm matches as intended STILL BUGGED, WILL BE FIXED IN A FUTURE PATCH
        • Guild/alliance filters now only appear for players in a guild or alliance
      • Fixed an invisible collision on the wooden bridge in the Underway
      • Fixed an issue where party member dots on maps appeared multiple times when zerg markers were present
      • Players no longer receive the Outlaw buff in Hellgates
      • Fixed an issue where ESC would not open the Settings dropdown
      • Fixed an issue with the Marketplace UI category filter not working correctly when switching tabs
      • Spell fixes:
        • Protection of the Fiends duration should now be properly linked to the channel time
        • Mounted characters are no longer affected by Time Corridor
        • Fixed an issue where players resisted Time Freeze when casting / channeling
        • Fixed an issue where Deathward Climax would mute other spell sounds
        • Celestial Sphere now jumps 14 times as intended (previously 12)
        • Casting time for Electric Discharge changed from 1.2 to 0.9 seconds as intended
        • Reckless Charge should now always knock enemies into the air as intended STILL BUGGED, WILL BE FIXED IN A FUTURE PATCH
        • Spell effects of Spiritual Seed now appear on target as intended (previously appeared on caster)
      • Fixed an issue where different tiers of Sticky Potions were stackable, which was not intended
      • Fixed an issue where party member indicators appeared on other cluster maps
      • Fixed an issue where players could not click on the guild island entry in the Territory tab of the Guild UI to jump to the position on the worldmap
      • Fixed an issue where loot UI could appear as empty
      • Numerous additional graphical, audio, UI, texture, and localization fixes