Searching for a guild (GER/ENG)

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    • Searching for a guild (GER/ENG)

      I´m looking for a guild with a friendly community. I´m 20+ years old and play atm mostly HCE, 2v2 HG and do solo-content (fishing, roaming). I can craft (potions [T8] : food [T8] : cloth offhands [T8] : leather offhands [T8] : mounts [T8]) and would craft too for the guild.
      I have 120m+ PVE-fame and 15m+ Crafting-fame. I fish on [T7] and can do some other professions at [T6].
      I am T8 Holy, Nature, Hammer, Curse, Fire, Bow, Spear, Daggers and Arcane. I am 400/400 Holy, 200/400 Nature, 300/400 Hammer, 275/400 Curse, 150/400 Fire, 100/400 Bows, 75/400 Spears, 125/400 daggers and 150/400 Arcane. I can wear every armor on t8 and have on full cloth and full plate 400/400 Masterys. Leather only on the parts i leveled passive in OW or HG.
      I have a bit experience in PvP from 5v5 HG (as healer and demonic-staff) and from 2v2 HG (curse and divine-staff).
      I can speak german and a bit english, and if its needed i could use voicecoms.

      Ingame Name: Olyvia
      Discord Tag: ?_?#8750
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