Camlann mace, knight chest, more..

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    • Camlann mace, knight chest, more..

      Camlann Mace: Can we please get this useless weapons E to be a ground targeted skill please.

      Knight Chest: Blocked ranged auto attacks and skill shots, shorter life span on the wind wall

      Enigmatic Staff : only silences can stop the channel or the E creates a aura(3m?) around the friendly target every .5 secs or 1 sec (half the current shield absorb if .5 secs) for 4 secs, 9m cast range

      1hand curse: E dmg stays the same, BUT the explosion does 20-30% splash dmg to all targets in 4m range if not cleansed! So even blocking the main target takes 0 dmg but the people clumped take dmg still (no dmg excl)

      Just at work bored and brain storming reallllly under used weapon and armor ideas.
    • Camlan maces problem isnt the fact that you have to shoot it the problem is any player can just walk out of it. Literally it takes to long to pull the other players in a small .2 seconds off will probably fix that weapon

      Knight armor is fine as it is. Blocking ranged auto attacks / skill shots would be pushing this armor as it did get 10 seconds off of its cd

      Engimatic staff I dont really know what to say about this one tbh

      1hand curse, as a 1h curse main ik that this weapon should 100% not see a buff. This weapon wins almost every single 1v1 scenaro in the game atm. They should just fix cursed relic items as they are the ones that see 0 play.
      I’m toxic