Purge And Balancing Issues

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    • Purge And Balancing Issues

      I think the purge is already OP what limited this was the expensive/limited items capable of doing this in 5v5 1v1 or zvz , I.e purge weapons were not that damaging in this sense these weapons were never that strong in all 3 situations due to cost/ utility. My main concerns lie in the upcoming NDA patch notes.

      1- Purge was only available on weapons with niche uses i.e black hands / fiend cowl

      2- Mage robe + Arcane purge is now going to be the new grudge.

      3- So many classes rely on it not being a thing im not talking gvg (Yes purge has been meta for months) , spears, swords you name it everything will be downgraded to unsuable in all situations from zvz to gvg to solo.

      4- With upcoming changes, mage robe will be OP please make it only purge armour buffs, I dont think weapon stacks like swords for example should be countered by such rapid cheap purge, it will break this game in terms of balance.

      5- Purge needs to be harnessed, its such a strong spell i think for balancing sake non bias (i play 4 or 5 classes btw) needs to be Armour purge only, weapon purging is simply gonna break this game to the point that only select few will be viable and we are back to square one unbalanced grudge days. (Not taking shots at cursed, abused it myself)

      6- Please reconsider the mage robe buff , i think besides making everything unpurgeable , just make purge only armour affect armour buffs , weapons purge affects playability of meta too much. Im not over reacting this will break game and only allow so few classes to participate in everything from ZVZ to GVG to SOLO.

      7- Please as a community explain why purge should be so overpowered/ buffed even more on easy to gain items, Thankyou awaiting suggestions (Non bias, i dont care if you play swords just explain why it will affect the majority of classes) :D @Retroman
    • I wouldnt mind if it was some underused artifact weapon, but this will counter so many classes its not funny, even the most hated merc jacket will get smoked by similar cost item, i think Sbi should only make it purge Armour buffs , (despite it countering alot) spears,bow, whispering, swords you name it will be thrown in the bin , how does that look for new players joining not knowing better after they grinded t6.

      Solution , Make it longer cd , Or Only purge armour buffs, Or must channel (interuptable for 2-3 seconds) before purge becomes active, yes ping is an issue for non american players.

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    • I think we should wait and see if mage robe is actually OP like everyone is claiming

      Who knows might be so mad no one uses it ;P

      They did have to buff mage robe on the ptr again 5 seconds -> 7 seconds


      You also have to ask yourself...

      How many purges do you really want?

      And is a 60cd purge that doesnt always go off good?
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    • letwolf wrote:

      you all forget that, mage robe still fragile, most fragile chest piece in game. it purges for 5 seconds and 55 other seconds it vulnerable like sitting duck.
      Whilst true it also has high dmg boost to make up this, thats the whole debate plate vs cloth , the dmg boost makes up for lack of armour/cc duration. Leather is in the middle, it evens out abit the old glass cannon vs Plate tank , I just think this ability will throw balance off even further out of whack. the spell is the issue not a which is stronger cloth vs plate vs leather debate.
    • Tabor wrote:

      I mean do not hit the guy when you see mage robe popped??? It is actually going to be a shitty robe option because of the CD. Any frontline with half a brain will just fall back once the robe is popped and dive again 5 seconds later when they know they now have 50 free seconds of pounding cloth.
      Have to 100 percent agree

      A big myth also going around that it will cleanse the 1h curse "E" (It wont)

      But no one will run this is solo pvp
      Reason for this is because you need mercenary jacket or cleric robe graveguard atm in solo pvp

      In 5v5 - 10v10 it wont see play becuase of the 60cd and long cooldowns like this arnt favord

      in zvz if you run this you have no cleric robe so its self explanatory
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    • skillazor wrote:

      RottenH20 wrote:

      But no one will run this is solo pvp
      Reason for this is because you need mercenary jacket or cleric robe graveguard atm in solo pvp
      lol, what u need to use effective ur bloodlust spell ? DoT dmg or just attacking enemy, yes ?so mage robe is best atm becouse u can purge or prevent dmg from this or other op chests in solo pvp like soldier armor :)


      It doesnt always purge me!

      All I have to do is not pop cleric robe gravegaurd for 2m

      And even then if I count when the q pops I easly have 2 seconds to quickly cleric robe graveguard
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    • I don't think mage robe is overpowered but it is on the stronger side. It just heavily counters/shutsdown specific types of builds in 1v1. In 5v5 play you can just switch targets when this ability is used (like people already do when most defensive chest abilities are used and the target will survive). People who keep hitting a player who uses this ability will be punished with the purge.

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    • Dip wrote:

      People who keep hitting a player who uses this ability will be punished with the purge.
      Isn't new R on Mage Robe insta cast? Because with server lag it will be unlikely realistic to stop already autoa-ttacking in time.. Would be good for baiting the R out though if they do it intentionally.

      Direwolf chasing T6 horse is a good example of what server lag can do. If you switch direction regularly, they will not be able to get in front of you as they always lose 1-1.5s on reaction by the time their client shows up I changed direction.