Let's make Q HoTs (from nature staves) unpurgable

    • Let's make Q HoTs (from nature staves) unpurgable

      Reason being, purges are very common in 5v5, and usually there are 2-3 purges in the enemy team, especially when they found out there's a nature healer on the other side. With yet another easily usable purge coming with next patch on Mage Robe. Nature healers already need some time for their heals to do the work and now it's just super (ch)easy to finish your teammate and there's not much you can do (As Graveguard helmet is your only real instant heal on much higher CD than heavy mace's purge. I see it in almost every single arena as Druidic healer, single purge wastes time of at least two players in teams with nature healer.

      My impression was that Purge was introduced to soften the targets (to certain extent, stripping melee player with 30% hp of his defensive buff AND all nature staff buffs is not softening, it's death sentence if opposing team is semi-competent). But mainly to take away their offensive stacking buffs. Take away some pressure from that scary melee dps. I believe it would make for better quality 5v5 if HoTs were not to be categorized as buff from purge perspective It just makes Nature in PVP feel very unworthwhile, and I've seen teams scoff at nature healers a lot.

      To keep it balanced, I propose to keep W - Protect of Nature purgeable for now, as this would promote more skillful play on healer's side, where he needs to consider risks of the buff being purged without mindlessly using it on CD. Considering how DoTs are not cleansable it makes sense HoTs are exceptions to purge too.

      Proposed change would also bring curses into more relevance due to Armor Piercer which was pushed out by more convenient and stronger purge.

      PS: before anybody goes out on how aweful idea this is please do something for me: Take nature staff of your choice and run ten arenas before you post.

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    • What they're doing with the purges is absolutely batshit retarded.

      Some purges purge everything, some purges only purge some stuff, and now additional stuff isn't purged at all. It's all very confusing, a purge should be a purge the end.

      Purge was always a counterplay choice before, kept in balance by the need for mana-cowls. Royal cowls, scholar robes and lymhurst capes made mana-concerns nonexistent in 5v5 so might as well bring a purge cause nothing cloth-wise makes much sense outside of niche counterplay options (cultist vs hunter spear or scholar arcane).
    • Coonery wrote:

      obviously u dont read...

      PLAYTEST NDA wrote:

      Arcane Orb (Arcane Staff)

      Now purges only buffs, but no Heal Effects anymore.

      Man... If Arcane orb was the most problematic one there is. I am talking about amount of purges, purges being ranged and no skillshot or spammable aoe like heavy mace does. Arcane Orb AT LEAST is a (rather) slow flying projectile that is nicely telegraphed.

      As syndic wrote above - Fiend Cowl is showing up more and more (I remember times when curse + fiend cowl was rather niche setup which worked very well, but price of the gear piece kept it sort of in check. Now purge is just everywhere, a sound reply to basically everything).
    • The inconsistency in purges and reflects is god awful. When they started add special cases it was the beginning of the end for SBI continuity.

      They’ve slapped so many bandaids of “cannot he purged” “cannot be reflected” you can’t even see the wound is infected. It’s so confusing, and it became an issue when they added ludicrous mass AOE mass dmg weapons in Kay. “is it the new weapons? No way! They’re perfect! it’s the reflect that should change” Smfh SBI

      That’s an SBI habit. bandaids on bandaids. Ignoring the initial/core problem

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