New Great Arcane UNDERpowered

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    • New Great Arcane UNDERpowered

      NDA playtest thread wrote:

      Arcane Staffs;
      • Removed the spell Magic Sphere (Great Arcane Staff)
      • Added the new spell Time Freeze (Great Arcane Staff)
        • Freezes time for all enemies in a 5m radius for 3.5s. (ignoring crowd control resistance) Frozen enemies can't move or cast and are immune to all types of spells. Enemy players are also immune to damage.
        • Cooldown scales with Item Power: 1200 IP: 34s / 1700 IP: 30s
        • Targets can't be chain frozen (they are shortly immune to another freeze)
        • The freeze can be cleansed
        • Hit Delay: 0.6s -> 0.8s

      Can we fix or modify this weapon and ability?

      Now that the new ability is easily cleansed it should not be a 30 second cooldown. Can you either lower the cooldown or make it un-cleansable?

      It's pretty weak that an 'E' ability can be cleansed and negated every 30 seconds. I can't think of another 'E' ability that is so easily countered...can you?
    • Theat wrote:

      NDA playtest thread wrote:

      It's pretty weak that an 'E' ability can be cleansed and negated every 30 seconds. I can't think of another 'E' ability that is so easily countered...can you?
      Erhm... all E's that are CC? Old 1h mace, 2h mace, bedrock mace, soulsythe, qstaff, ironclad, 2h hammer, 1h hammer, morning star, pike ... want me to keep going?

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    • Actually, I wish they would leave the E of the current great arcane staff mostly the same and just buff it slightly. It actually is a very strong tool but no one really plays it because it is such a pure support skill. I think if it had lower cooldown/longer duration it would see more play.

      This reworked E spell just feels like a copy of something from the frost mage kit.
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    • I really liked the idea of this staff but I didn't like the feel of it when i tried it out. Many people who use this staff will see its terrible potential of backfiring. I believe if it is played in an extremely well-coordinated team it has unreal potential. Unfortunately, I don't believe many players/teams have this type of coordination and it will be used ineffectively in most cases. Also, It was much better when the change was first introduced but now it is cleanseable and has a longer cooldown. I don't believe it should be cleanseable because it is fairly dodgeable, does 0 damage, makes the target invulnerable (similar to ice block), and kinda has a long cooldown. If the player that gets time frozen has a cleanse, they can choose to remove the CC instantly if needed or they can choose to stay in the stasis if it is more beneficial for them to do so for up to 3.5 seconds. Pretty much, anyone who has a cleanse versus this staff actually can potentially benefit from getting hit by its E ability. I can't think of any other E ability in the game that can benefit enemies more than this staff. Only other thing I can think of being as self-harming of a skill for a team is smokebomb (if it is being dropped ontop of your own team mates). The other skills that are mentioned in this thread that are also easily countered by cleanse have little to no potential of helping the enemies survive while this staffs new E ability will. Just my 2 cents.

      On another note, I see this staff having great trolling potential, heh heh.

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    • The game is getting way too many exceptions to what's purgeable / cleansable / reflectable. Would be great, if they want to keep purge and cleanse in game, to tone them to reasonable level of counterplay while keeping skills designed with consideration they can be cleansed/purged in mind.

      What I am trying to say is they should rely more on skills' design to not make them particularly weak to purge, particularly weak to repeated cleanses. And keep purge and cleanse moderately used when most needed by keeping their CD reasonable and introducing purge immunity once you've been purged for XY seconds if not able to keep balance otherwise. The game is getting silly with purge spamming compositions or compositions that require multiple cleanses in other team. Game should focus on good coordination when abusing one single window of opportunity when using hard CC or purge, not relying on chaining CCs and weaving purges in between. I'd simply significantly improve post-CC/purge immunities to punish such behavior. If you have been stunned, you cannot be stunned next 5-10s. Otherwise game will always promote cheesy chain-cc compositions, where damage and coordination comes second.

      If they are making new Arcane's E cleansable, they should offset it by reasonably lowering CD to balance it out. And they should apply same logic to every skill in the game as long as they insist on purges and cleanses being a thing.