A Brief Guide to the Party Finder

    • This Party Finder is Crap. Its Convoluted! And after I did kinda figure it out. There wasnt 1 party to even find. It would be better if you just removed it from the game. It adds no value to the player base at all!
      It doesnt make it any easier to find a group! Which is why everybody is still spamming lfg. Why even bother if this is the kinda crap your gonna release.

      Oh, FYI, the Crystal realms, will not be used by 90% of the player base, because GvG warefare is even more convoluted then your party finder. Im a Guild Leader, been playing sense December.

      Really how dissappointing can one update be!
      And thanks for nerfing the 1 damned potion that t8 potion mqkers could sell. I dislike you Devs, you give no rational thought to how you make this game!
    • As a new player to the game, I was pretty excited about this feature coming in. It's very difficult to find anybody to group with for any of the lower level content. With that said, they obviously did not talk with the customer at all when working on this feature. (Product Manager/Owner task number 1).

      Their implementation is not intuitive and it just doesn't make any sense. I'm not sure what they were trying to accomplish or why they thought trying to reinvent the wheel was a good idea. We need something to help players find groups.. period, end of story. There are a number of MMORPGs that do this very well, just copy any of them. EQ2, WoW etc.

      The sign of absolute failure is logging on, multiple times throughout the day, and never seeing 1 single group/player using this feature. Total was of development time and money, very sad.
    • Just to be clear, I think the Party Finder is a really useful feature I've been waiting for for a long time. I was really happy that this feature made it into the game. With the intuitive handling it lacks just a little bit. :D
      My English is supported by the Deepl translator. deepl.com (Powered by A.I.) .... :D Well, sometimes it's a bit bumpy, but usually it's far better than Google Translate.
    • Please get rid of the permanent role selection window on the right hand side. Its unnecessary, there's no need for it to be permanently visible.

      And a reaction to the negative feedback here on the forums would be nice. I get it, people posting on the forums are only a minority - but the people I've talked with ingame or over discord were really disappointed with the party finder, too.
    • Hey everyone!

      Even though @Evoque already stated that we're working on it, I wanted to step in personally as well.
      First: Thank you all for your feedback. Over the last two days we have been collecting a lot of feedback for the Party Finder, hence the "late" answer from our side.
      The feedback is almost identical to what we internally feel like is necessary to make the Party Finder better usable for the players.
      The reasons why we didn't implement this feedback are numerous, but the most important one are some nasty technical limitations we had to work with when starting work on the Party Finder. We believe to have found a better solution for this particular problem that we will implement as soon as possible.
      Some feedback to direct user complaints:
      @Hellmet @Niorin We did talk to players before implementing the current iteration of the Party Finder. That's why we do not believe in an automatic Party Finder like you might know from other games. You are right though that seeing an empty Party Finder because it's pre-filtered for you (if you don't have the min. IP for example) may be felt as negative and we'll make adjustments to that.
      @Larec @solventh We're looking into a solution for the side menu.

      So - we will make some "short" term adjustments that we can pull off that you can expect to see with the next patches (probably starting with patch #2). Bigger changes will have to wait a bit longer. As I said, the technical background for this system is pretty complicated.

      - Lino
    • i kinda trashed y'all yesterday.
      I did find a redeeming gem in the last update, with the new cloaks...

      But I stand by what i said about the party finder.
      Dont know why we cant jist see all open tickets, then ask to join the one we want without having to go through IP and all that jazz
    • Do not want to "pile on", so will simply say this "party finder" appears to be useless. It is not intuitive to use, i.e. find, join or create a party. After entering in various criteria, found nothing. So, it appears to be a "dud" with the players.

      I was excited about this feature, as it is hard to find groups. But what you've released is disappointing. With the constant use of "lfg" chat, I thought you would have an easy time dealing with common issues people have finding parties.

      Here is all you need to do:

      Should be 2 options:

      1. Create a party
      2. Look for party

      Instead, you start with "join" a party, but you're not really joining a party, you're creating a search criteria for something...not clear. Poor design.

      Once you select one of the choices above, then have filter criteria. Rather than filtering what is presented, just make it like a spreadsheet and have each column filterable from high to low, low to high, A to Z, Z to A, etc. This way players can see everything available and use their own decision making to pick.

      Need to add:

      1. City filter for party. Seeing parties in other areas, i.e. hellgates, dungeons, is not very valuable. Better yet, just add a column showing the city the party creator is in.

      After entering the filter criteria, then a list of what you are looking for should show up.

      If creating a party, you should see your posting in the list of all the other parties trying to form.

      If looking for a party, you should see all the parties you can apply to join.

      This seems so simple. That's why you are getting such a negative reaction from people. The current version took a simple concept and made it weird, unclear, useless, etc. Really hard to believe it made it through any type of team analysis or play testing.
    • No one uses it cause it is only really functional for safe zone content. The safe zone has been reduced to non usefulness. I see groups up for tharacal fissure only. Dont need it for guild parties or for parties of ppl you know. And I see no plans to make the blue and yellow zones useful. I guess you could start a t4 mat gathering party of you want.

      It would have been useful in a beta1 or galahad setting where there was a purpose in the existence of safe zones.
    • The only way to make this feature useful is to have it have a queue and MM system in it. Party Finder is another thing where DEVs have spent resources and the vast majority of players do not even use it. Congratulations. You should be thinking of things that are useful for balancing the game?
    • MM and queue......it is a queue already. Do you mean like expeditions where it just sends you to whatever location is specified? If so then def not. It would need to have context to which it is applicable. It is only applicable to safe zone groups as trust in random ppl is not a good idea anywhere else. And the safe zone isn't typically worth grouping up for.