new Purging Shield

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    • Additionally, Purging Shield does not currently remove the Hush *buff*. So, just to clarify... when you activate Hush from the Demon Helm, it places a *buff* on you to start where your next attack will place a silence *debuff* on your enemy. So, it stands to reason, that if you activate Hush and your enemy activates Purging Shield *before* you attack them and then you attack them, then the Hush buff on you should be removed via the Purging Shield, effectively countering the silence debuff. Currently, this is not the case. Is this working as intended? To add, if I were fighting someone with Demon Helm and I had Fiend Cowl, once I see that they activated Hush, I can Purge that Hush using the Fiend Cowl, so it seems like Purging Shield should do the same.