Dark matter, cursed beam - completely useless cursed skill

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    • Dark matter, cursed beam - completely useless cursed skill

      Dark matter, cursed beam completely crap.
      cursed beam - low dps, channeled, solo target. Better continue stack Q than waste time on this channeling.
      Dark matter - very low damage, small range. Completely useless on 1 target.

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    • Dark matter made some waves in 5v5 after it's release. Not so sure about it, but given double ranged is coming on strong, perhaps it is still decent.

      Cursed beam however... I agree. You have to stand still, it can be interrupted, does little damage over a few ticks. Perhaps it should be like the inverse of holy beam? The longer it is channeled the more damage is done, meaning if not interrupted it can kick out some serious heat, whilst still remaining relatively easy to interrupt. Could open it up for more use from solo to 5v5 and 2v2.
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    • Have to agree that this ability is fucking terrible

      On paper it sounds good because it can POTENTIALLY do 1000 damage

      But in testing it never even gets to that point

      But all other cursed "W"s see play which is really nice!

      Wouldnt say this is a needed change but would be quite cool to see what they could do to it.

      Maybe your DOTS do more damage while your using your "W" or something?