|QoL] Zerg Related Propositions

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    • |QoL] Zerg Related Propositions

      This thread is about proposing ideas that could improve the experience in Zerg fights / around Zerg fights.

      I'll suggest a few ideas here, but feel free to share yours too :)

      Zerg party UI:
      Zerg fights usually count between 20 and 200 players of each side this means that you can have up to 10 parties, but you usually have only a few shotcallers and most of the time multiple groups are following the same shotcaller. Also in a situation with multiple shotcallers, you usually want to know the situation of the other group (positionning / average health etc.)
      The following ideas are thought to help on that.

      • Create a "party of parties": one party leader can invite another party (lets call it a cluster here)
      1. so each party still has an autonomy (invites, organisation...) .
      2. so it would allow some cluster wide pings / tags.
      3. each party in the cluster would have a defined color on the minimap (now people in the party are yellow on live server, we could have party 1 yellow, party 2 purple, party 3 blue, etc.).
      4. could allow a better organisation in the raid, you know the actual numbers you have, the positions, the health etc.

      • Allow a party UI resizing & personnal customization:
      1. resizing is pretty much necessary because of the 1st suggestion.
      2. customization of each member could help supports / healers / shotcaller to see health / state of certain particular members.

      • Add some details to the party UI
      1. display buffs / debuff of each member or some particular members.
      2. change health color according to the % remaining.
      3. display health numbers (or %).
      Display settings:
      A common thing for zergs is to reduce the number of elements displayed on your screen. However you cant really remove spell effects (since some AoEs dont have any indicator: soulscythe E, wildfire E, etc.), you also have a lot of elements that you don't really need to know most of the time, and since these elements use a lot of resources to display its pretty much problematic.
      With an old computer you have to turn off a lot of things to grab a positive amount of FPS, but it's impossible to optimize settings currently.
      The following ideas are thought to help on that.

      • Create an indicator for every spell & a hitbox indicator for each character
      1. this could allow us to turn off spell effects.
      2. this could help to know when we are on the side of an AoE, if we actually get hit or not.

      • Allow to toggle only enemy spell effects, or only ally spell effects + show only a color for spells possibility
      1. as a DPS you usually dont care if you actually see the meteor of your friend falling, but you actually care if your enemy throws one on you for a defensive support it's different.
      2. having only colors displayed on AoEs according to its type could be interesting to have a better idea on whats going on without using too much perf: red for DPS, blue for ally defensive area (locus / judi armor), yellow for CC, purple for dispells, green for ally heal. (spell icons color code).

      • Allow to turn off positive / negative effects:
      1. could allow to see what's actually on the ground under all the knight helmets, nature hots, defensive bonuses etc.
      2. every time i see someone bleeding i'm crying ;(
      Ping possibility:
      At the moment anyone in the guild can ping a location (this is getting reworked in Nimue) but the minimap is a bit.... too little Its actually impossible to call to a zerg in the middle of the action "go to the ping" some people even have to call according to what they see:

      GullerB schrieb:

      Here is an idea to help on that, (thx trashtalk chamber for this one):

      • Allow ingame marker from the party (and cluster) leader.
      1. this will avoid any problem during fight in forests.
      2. the marker should be something noticeable (such as a ray of light).
      3. the marker should be linked to a keybind and displayed on mouse position (if done on minimap the marker should still appear in the game).
      4. only party leader / cluster leader should mark, or maybe add a possibility to give the rights to someone in the party to mark so you could have the placement for tanks / placement for DPS displayed separately.
      5. markers from different persons should be of different colors (defined by game or user).

      Thats it, any constructive feedback is welcome.
    • In game marker plz.
      Any amount of party filtering would be nice. if I could have a party listed in order of role, ie.Tanks then DPS then healers. So at a party glance you can know how your tanks are doing. How many DPS you have left, etc.

      But yea. Some management tools would help a lot to make maneuvering outside of engagements more enjoyable for callers as well as party members. No one likes being confused, that’s not fun gameplay
    • This would be a great idea. hope the devs look into this. the changes they are making are good but theses on top of what they are doing in the new patch would really make the game better. What there adding now is kind of half done in my eyes and really in the time they have had to work on this new patch I'm not seeing a whole lot. Not saying its not good just could be more and better for the time its been.