Albion Online RP (Master Thread?)

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    • PainAndDispair wrote:

      Heya Guys!

      So, here's the deal. I'm completely new to the world of Albion Online, but I am nontheless a passionate roleplayer. So yeah, the first thing was to find information for RP in Albion and that's how I got here... Soooo... Care to take a bloody noob under your wings or should I just... You know... Wander arround and stuff. x3
      Hello! If you haven't already, come join us on the Discord here!

      Also depending where you're based out of, if the Stagbourne Sentinels sounds like your thing, feel free to drop me a message through the game or Discord under Breks! -- Right now I've got myself and one other and well, we're just figuring out how to slowly build up the guild for RP and whatnot!

      See you around!!
    • Hey everyone! Avid RolePlayer here!

      Ravenar sent me here to enlist in the RP Effort haha

      Ravenar wrote:

      Hi, the RP community is not very organized at the moment. But there are some efforts. Let me know if you want me to add your guild here:
      Albion Online RP (Master Thread?)

      Good Luck! :thumbup:

      Join the discord, it is not much but it is a start :)

      I'd love to take part in any kind of RP event and seek to become a Master Artisan, capable of crafting most of the weapons and armours in game.

      I also wanted to create or join a crafting-oriented guild or one that would actively hunt down the Gankers. It would be amazing if someone would create a rival guild.

      Also, loving the innitiative of the Sanguine Scriptures! I appreciate any effort in narratives

      Ledoux wrote:

      I am honored that I have a fan.

      My guild is going to have a unique event tomorrow in Caerleon... they are the security of the city and kill reds around the area. It is my duty, as their Chaplain, to create obituaries for the most memorable that the guild comes across.

      I will also be recording the event on my stream here. Friday, 7 PM Central time

      I am still looking for a good Ledoux mask... X_x

      Soon I'll also join the rp discord :D
      "May the land wield bounty and the sky shine bright upon you, fellow adventurer"

      "May the anvil ring loud and the coals burn bright, fellow Artisan."
    • Hail citizens of Albion!

      I've recently washed up on the shores of this promised land.
      I have been looking for fellow adventurers to enjoy the RP of Albion alongside.
      I've read a bit about the past groups that have existed here in Albion,
      the glory of Culann and his ARPA guild, and the hay-day of the WOKE guild.
      It's a joy to see the RP potential in Albion, and it would be a pleasure to join this new generation of roleplayers.

      @oushizaryu I've come to make Lymhurst my home it seems, and it would be a joy to get to meet a guild in the Celidon region.
      It's good to see you carrying the banner of the old Rangers in a way.
      I'll have to jump into the discord soon, and I hope to see Beks in my adventures.
      I dream of making Albion a land where the promises of the Old World are made true.
      A land that my family back home would have been proud of.
      - Rhaazerus,
      Long Live the King.
      Take deep breaths and long strides.
    • The current state of this game is anti RP. There are no tools to support it. They need to get rid of the color coordinated gear system for starters.

      When I think back to the sandbox God Ultima Online. The way you could dress was endless. Design your open world home, endless options. In game books you could type stories into, done. Craftable, usable furniture dozens upon dozens of options plus furniture dyes.

      You can't even sit in chairs in this game yet.

      Sadly there are no good options. The devs that made Legends of Aria failed miserably at trying to reproduce UO.

      AO has the client for it but it is yet to be seen if it will evolve going into the future to support RP the way UO did.

      Appearance alterations and mount skins are a good start though so maybe things are looking up.
      Scotia, Baron of Carafax
      Ultima Online - Napa Valley 1998-2005
    • Hail and good met,

      • I am new to these lands of Albion and I find the lands rampant with a slew of heretics, cultist, infidel and heathens. There is bandits and thieves. Demons and Undead walk around restless. Unholy mages, spell casters and sorcerers are abundant. I have felt lost since coming here but I feel that there is a purpose to me being washed upon these shores. I look for brothers in arms who wish to purge this filth from these lands and share similar beliefs. I am still but an initiate but I still intend to stomp out corruption where I see it. I'm just looking for like minded souls or good hearted people to help in my endeavors. I wish join up soon and renew my resolve for the horrors are many and the dark is long. Let us be the light.
      • So out of character I'm looking for RP guilds. The guild finder in game is pretty messed up. I'll travel to join up with others. My character name is the same so send me an friend invite or mail.