Nimue Arena and Faction Outpost Changes

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    • Nimue Arena and Faction Outpost Changes

      Hello all,

      With the Nimue update (coming November 21 - more info here), we're introducing some changes to the Arena and Faction Outpost systems.

      Nimue Arena Changes

      Albion's Arena will receive several changes based on player feedback:


      Even with a skill-based matchmaking system in place, we see a lot of one-sided matches in the Arena. Since these almost always occur when a full premade team takes on a combined team, we have changed the matchmaking rules as follows:
      • A team of 5 players will now be matched only against other teams of 5 players
      • Groups of 1, 2 or 3 players will be matched against other teams also built from 1,2 or 3 player groups
      • Groups of 4 players will no longer be able to queue for the Arena
      Point increase from kills

      Additionally, a kill is now worth 2 points (increased from 1).


      We've received lots of feedback regarding the lack of rewards for the Arena for quite some time. And while we completely agree that a ‘safe’ activity should never surpass an open-world activity in terms of efficiency, we still want to give suitable rewards.

      Each of the first three wins per day will now reward:
      • 3x Arena Tokens
      • 3x Journeyman's Tome of Insight (each worth 5000 Fame, non-tradable)
      • 1x Adept's Bag of Silver (worth 10,000 Silver, non-tradable)
      These rewards are comparable to a similar time investment in Albion's Group Expeditions, which also count as a ‘safe’ activity. They should compensate for some of the rewards you would otherwise miss, but never compete with regular open world activities, especially in red or black zones.

      Nimue Faction Outpost Changes

      Faction Warfare, introduced with the last major update, will receive the following change with Nimue:

      All Faction Warfare Outpost Bosses will have their specific mechanics adjusted to make it more possible for groups of less than three players to beat them. This will give smaller groups, particularly those made up of very experienced players, a better chance of taking part in outpost battles.