Traders and Merchants guild recruiting again

    • Traders and Merchants guild recruiting again

      We're a small guild looking to recruit new members.
      After i, as a guild master wasn't very active in the last few months the guild died down a bit. We're still around 80 members but most became inactive.
      Now that we joined a new alliance and i am coming back more to Albion again i thought i'd post a new recruitement thread.

      What we offer:
      - super low taxes of 3% (has always been that and should always stay as low as possible)
      - a well developed guild island in Thetford that features all the shops for low fees.
      - lots of workers you can use on Thetford guild island and Caerleon guild island
      - a guild island in almost every other city with a bank for you
      - being part of [void] alliance

      What we are looking for:
      Players with all play styles. Don't be mislead by the name of the guild. We're not only gatherers, traders and crafters getting rich and richer. We do PvP and GvG too.
      It would be good if you had a little bit of fame to your name and were playing Albion for some time already. If you can use discord and are able to afford and use 4.1 gear we'll be happy to let you join.

      We have players in EU and US timezone so it doesn't matter where you're from.

      Looking forward to hear from you guys. :thumbup:
      Head of the 'Traders and merchants guild'
    • Delphonse wrote:

      I am pretty new but would like to join. I am more of a gather/crafter than a fighter. I plan on spending most of my time gathering resources.
      Just apply in-game and/or add me as friend. Since server outage i can't log in but i'll make sure to get you in once i can log into the game again.
      Head of the 'Traders and merchants guild'