New Cape Changes UNDERpowered

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    • Theat schrieb:

      Please consider reducing the cooldown times for the upcoming cape changes (Morgana, Keeper, Undead, etc).

      They're very lackluster with average Item Power and a 2 minute or longer cooldown.

      At least I can look stylish though....
      Hey there, just wanted to say that i've taken part in pretty extensive testing of the capes so far.

      Morgana cape is deadly and should cause a full reset in a fight (like pulling back from a player who has activated obsessive burst on a druid robe)

      Undead Cape lets you use skills freely under invis for six seconds... that does not need less of a cd trust me.

      Keeper cape could be deadly stacked with other damage sources such as soldier armor.

      These capes are genuinely fearsome forces, and they really require to be on such high cd's to allow the pacing of a fight to adapt and continue around them. It is important to remember that these are merely extra almost passive like skills, and should not be thought of as weapon skills.

      The only one I think needs adjusting is that Heretic, the trap is terrible for being on such a high cd. I honestly feel like 30 sec would be a good cd, and have the root timer scale with ip. Instead of it being 100s + with cd scaling with ip...
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