A Brief Guide to Crystal Realm Battles

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    • A Brief Guide to Crystal Realm Battles

      Hello everyone,

      Now that Nimue has been announced for November 21, we want to give you more details on the upcoming Crystal Realm Battle feature. Since this feature will affect the currently running GvG Season 4, we want to make sure guilds have enough time to plan and prepare for these changes.

      Keep in mind that the details of this feature are subject to change up until the point that it goes live, so please feel free to give us your feedback in this thread.


      If your guild owns a Resource territory you will have the additional option to fight once per day against other groups who have also chosen to use this feature.

      Basic Rules

      In these GvG battles:
      • full loot is active
      • the item power is soft capped at 1000, and each item power point above this threshold only counts 50%
      • the scoring mechanics are the same as in regular GvGs
      • the battle vault of the territory the team starts from is used

      To start the match:
      • players have to join (queue) the match (it will be listed below the regular upcoming GvG battles). This is possible from anywhere in the world as it is for regular GvG signups.
      • players have to be in the cluster of the territory from which they joined the battle during the time window of the territory
      Time Windows

      Currently the system offers two time windows similar to those of siege camps.
      • 14:00, 13:00, 12:00, 05:00, 04:00, 03:00, 02:00, 01:00; 00:00 start at 4:00 UTC 2:00 UTC
      • 23:00, 22:00, 21:00, 20:00, 18:00, 17:00, 16:00, 15:00 start at 19:00 UTC
      Tower Level

      Each of the Resource Territories will have a tower level of 1, 2 or 3. Tower levels:
      • will increase after a win in a Crystal Realm Battle
      • will decrease after a loss in a Crystal Realm Battle
      • remain the same after a draw in a Crystal Realm Battle
      • will increase if the system cannot find an opponent for you
      The tower level will also influence the rewards for the Crystal Realm Battle (see below)

      Season Points

      To keep the rough balance of Season points, we will move some of the points from territory ownership over to participation in Crystal Realm Battles

      Previous Daily Season Points for Territory Ownership:
      Mercia - 336
      Cumbria - 288
      Anglia - 240
      Royal - 96

      New Daily Season Points for Territory Ownership:
      Mercia - 216
      Cumbria - 168
      Anglia - 120
      Royal - 96

      Max Season Points per Crystal Realm Battle:
      Tower level 1 2 3
      Mercia 190 240 290
      Cumbria 190 240 290
      Anglia 190 240 290
      Royal 190 240 290

      The Season Points will be sent directly to a team’s guild, while the siphoned energy can be looted along with other rewards at the end of the match.

      Seasonal Point Multiplier

      Keep in mind that season points from Crystal Realm Battles will also be influenced by the seasonal multiplier. This kicks in in the last month of the season as previously announced and will double the points gained from Territory ownership and Crystal Realm Battles.

      Since this is the most crucial part that will also influence the seasonal competition we want to give you a bit more insight on our thought process here:
      • we want to set a point amount per fight, that reflects the risk you accept by entering a full loot battle against potentially strong opponents
      • we keep the total season points available per season roughly the same. This is necessary to keep all siphoning energy prices and thresholds stable
      • since we also match teams around the world against each other we think that only your tower level should influence the amount of points
      • and since these fights happen synchronized (in two time windows) we see a potential for guilds with more than few GvG teams to shine here
      • we are still discussing the final values here, esp the share of the GvG fights compare to the territory ownership

      Rewards will be given out at match end as follows:
      • the winner always receives 25% of the total possible reward
      • 75% will be divided into 4 bonus loot lists and be given out based on the final tickets at match end
      • for example:
        • a 150:0 win will give 100% of the loot to the winner
        • a 1:0 win will give 62.5% (25+ 37.5) to the winner and 37.5% to the loser
      • a draw will give out only 75% total and divide it between both teams based on final tickets
      • A team that signs up but cannot be matched will receive 25% of the total winner loot and approximately 63% of the total season points
      UPDATE: The amount of season points a team receives when the system cannot find a match for them will now be as follows:
      • 50 season points at tower level 1
      • 60 season points at tower level 2
      • 70 season points at tower level 3
      The main reason for this is to reduce the incentive for huge alliances to force these situations and benefit from them. If we see this still happening we will take further actions.

      As an additional motivation, Crystal Realm Battle rewards include:
      • non-tradable Tomes of Insight
      • non-tradable Silver bags
      • a chance for black market drops
      There will be a set total amount of these items (Team1’s tower level at match start influences Team1’s loot etc.) and this will be given out following the same breakdown described for season points above.

      • The matchmaking system will attempt to match teams of the same tower level against each other and only match different tower level teams if there would otherwise be no fight at all
      • This system will also prevent Crystal Realm Battles between two Territory Teams from the same Alliance

      That's it for now - we're very excited about this new feature, and hope it will bring exciting opportunities for new GvG teams.

      Questions? Comments? Reply to this thread and let us know!

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    • So after weeks of feedback since the initial announcement literally nothing got changed?

      Nvm I see the copy paste skills are real. So 1 thing got changed. This however still doesn't fix the issue that there are players in certain timezones for who those timers are horrible, so shouldnt there be more timers. You also have EU timezone towers go live at 4 utc. For some that is a 10 hour gap between actual and crystal gvg. What are the odds off a team doing 14 utc gvgs being able to do 4 utc ones?

      Also this basicly gives royal terris way more value relative to before. You cut anglia towers by 120 energy but royals stay the same?

      The post was edited 2 times, last by Boedavildje ().

    • please consider alternating the times these happen for instance the week begins Monday and the times remain 4utc and 19utc, but then on Tuesday they can be set to 1utc and 16utc. come Wednesday they can go back to being 4utc/19utc so on and so forth so that everyone can wet their beak and join in on the fun. please really consider this especially since the largest playerbase in na resides in the east coast where your servers also reside.
    • Hi there and thanks already for your feedback. We are currently not able to set dynamic spawn times, only one static time per time zone. This is why we moved the time window after the siege camps. So while that would be a cool feature, we can't set this up for the Nimue release :/
    • Question:
      Is there going to be an invite system like with actual GvGs for Alliance guilds?

      Also, i am REALLY happe with the EU time for this. Finally a good EU time for both winter and summer time.

      I do hear a lot of complaints from NA and Brasil players. I know warcamps are allready hard for some of them but this is even an hour later.
      Isn't it better to put this at 1 or 2 UTC to reach a bigger playerbase?