[EU] Grunts Guild Recruitment

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    • [EU] Grunts Guild Recruitment

      Hello fellow soldiers,

      I have decided to launch an eu guild for the players that would rather be in a party for content than solo. I have joined many guilds along my years of gaming and run a few aswell. I have asways found that so many offer content but lack communication when they are running them. With that in mind i decided i wanted to try to form a guild on Albion (So far solo) to change this.

      Im looking for Mature members that have a job and what time they do get gaming want to spend it advancing and helping others. Its a casual start that i hope to improve on in the future. No requirments for the guild so no heavy taxes (set a 10% to start a guild island) and no daily/weekly donations to the guild. This is going to be built by the members for the members.

      Im a returning player that is trying to get to grips once again with the game so im not stating im the best at the game however im pretty gd at keeping things running. Im looking for others with the same mindset to help along the way and grow the guild together. Even if you are tired of the guild your in and want to try somethig new for a while im more than happy with that.

      If you have got this far then maybe something i have said attracted you to this section. I have attached a discord link for those interested so its easier and quicker to get hold of me or an officer (when the right ones come along) rather than try a nd hunt me down in game.


      AGAIN this is a new start and a new guild and as i type this im currently the only member so im not going to feed aloud of rubbish to people saying i have more members its not worth your time or mine. I will update this post when the time is right with a member count if all goes well.

      Happy Hunting

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