Pay to Play?

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    • Targun schrieb:

      You are both confused.

      Paying for the amount of gold required to buy neough tomes to actually start winning would be crazy.
      And if anyone is willing to paythousands of dollars for a leveled character just let them.
      This will be money to support the game we can play for free.
      not to derail, but what you described is exactly P2W, no matter how much it costs.

      Although buying "fame" (experience) is not as bad of a P2W as most asian MMOs have, where you can buy Item-Shop exclusive mounts or even weapons or stupid "charms" that make your gear stronger. Plus, everyone can buy fame - with gold or with silver, so its widely accessible to all of playerbase. In Asian MMOs p2w items are item-shop exclusive and thats what it makes them so cancerous and so broken.

      Anyway AO is B2P with an option to p2p (subscription) or freemium and then pay with silver. Its not P2W, there is no cash-shop and all items are available to all the players equally. Nothing is exclusive.
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