Top 5 Best Clicker Games That You Should Play at Least Once

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    • Top 5 Best Clicker Games That You Should Play at Least Once

      Prepare to build, fight, collect, and pilot through tons of addicting and challenging clicking games above. You will actually find something you need here among a wide variety of games available. Create the victory in 2d side-scrollers and great RTS adventures. Just practice your fingers to gain enough strength to win the gameplay. These games are as good as the awesome point and click adventure games right on the PC's browser.

      1. IDLE DICE

      Keep rolling dice, again and again!
      This idle game is all about dice rolling. Keep rolling dices so that you can earn a lot of money from that. Buy upgrades and more dices for more money made. Get an extra bonus by spinning a roulette. Keep rolling to get the huge profit!

      2. DOGE MINER 2

      Welcome the fantastic sequel to the interesting Doge Miner game! You will have to complete the same missions in its original: purchasing a spaceship and flying to the moon. However, you will have to increase upgrades, tools, and options. Its fun gameplay and mechanisms from the original version are now added with some extra features of enjoyment.

      Mine more gold as you can!
      Remember to collect all additional coins dropping randomly including such as bronze dogecoin. and improved pickaxes. Besides mining the coins yourself, hiring Shibe workers or tons of kittens is possible to improve the Dogecoin rate. Moreover, you can purchase the upgrades for your workers. Hey, humans! It’s time to mine today!


      Destroy the puppet as much as possible!
      Get started in this fun clicker game! Let’s fight for the best destruction today! Let the anger out and feel free to destroy a puppet by a horde of weapons. Well, it’s time to do what you have never done before. Just utilize a myriad of powerful weapons. Make your choice of the largest weapon collection including a submachine gun, machine gun, throwing a knife, high powered lasers, and rocket launcher. Do damage with small weapons first, and then, try to unlock the newest ones as you can. Looking for something to relieve stress quickly? It’s time for you to become a puppet master.
      If you want to play from the sight of a character with others gamers, it’s time for MMORPG. Check the hottest collection of mmorpg games for adventure lovers now!


      In this military clicker game, you will run your successful business such as expanding your force and winning military contracts. The single goal of this game is that players will have to become the most influential military capitalist in town. Try to produce the best military goods thanks to professional contracts.

      Upgrades will give you better power!

      Then, you will earn enough money and strengthen your base to attract greater contracts continuously offered to you. Try to progress by constructing the buildings and modern vehicles to see your success soon. A good investment will lead you to excellent rewards. Good luck!


      Boost the money and viewers instantly!

      If you would like to try once become a Youtube star, this game is right for you. Click the video player to get more views and a lot of money. The money you get from the views will be used to invest in advertising and tools to increase the views on your videos. Multiply the views now! Every 500 views will bring you a new subscriber, that’s the way you can unlock some new tools. Sometimes, upload new videos to boost money and viewers instantly. Will you be the best Youtuber?
      Enjoy all of the games mentioned above since they are as excellent as the best unblocked adventure games must be on your bucket list.

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