Not An Item but hear me out... (Executions)

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    • Not An Item but hear me out... (Executions)

      The execution system is a little unfair imo. Say you get downed by something and a guy come up to you with the intention of killing you. He starts the execute but here comes your friend or guildmate or something and interrupts him and saves you. The Person Executing you shouldn't be able to continually attempt an execution.
      I think there should be a small cooldown on executing IF you get interrupted.
      What do you guys think?
    • I disagree I see too many problems when doing this in large scale pvp at places like Astolat and Blighted Bog. Your player starts getting up once the mobs de-agro then your friend defends you for 15 sec's for it to be a 5v1. If this was to happen they'd probably need to up the respawn time from that if you get knocked with a mob.

      I've been playing Albion when mobs actually executed players. And lets face it PVE isn't that hard in this game, the main reason people die to mobs is by not dodging the AOE and over pulling. This sounds like it will be impossible to execute a player and force you to kill all others standing for a full party wipe while your teammates are getting up to rejoin the fight.
    • The cast time should last longer than an average auto attack. You shouldn’t be getting attacked by 3 people and still be able to pull the execution off. I’ve seen it done to many times and the person always dies immediately after, I don’t understand the point of a suicide execution just to pad your pvp fame score. But I also think if your in a pvp conflict and you run head first into mobs that the mobs should kill you as long as your still in combat with another player.
    • I didn't know why you wanted this feature but I see what your talking about your mainly referring to a solution to stop redzone trolls. Just group up with a good party that knows what they're doing if you group up with randoms your probably going to get killed. But I don't agree with the mobs executing when your in combat this would be highly beneficial to dungeon divers and make it almost impossible to escape them without killing them most people would just run face deep into mobs hope not to get executed and A out if they couldn't face the group.