Gold Market Issue

    • Gold Market Issue

      So I have a bunch of hours into the game via the Albion launcher....not Steam. Yesterday I traded in a bunch of Gold for Silver. Today I cannot. How do I get this resolved as I'd like to enjoy the game but this is quite the road block on my progress.
    • Hi @KloakFX. The game does not count your 7 day trial time when using the Gold Market. As far as I know, you need at least 24 hours playtime before you have full access to the Gold Market when using the native client.

      Additionally, here are some notes in the Steam Page about the Gold Market here.

      Limitations on the Ingame Gold Market for new Steam Accounts

      Hello everyone,

      Due to increased payment fraud attempts, Albion Online accounts that are newly-created through Steam will have limited access to the ingame Gold Market for a short time.

      For the first day after logging into Albion Online for the very first time, the ingame Gold Market will be entirely locked. For the subsequent four days, you will only be able to trade up to 500 Gold on the ingame Gold Market per day. We have chosen a limit that will allow starting players to utilize a reasonable amount of Gold. At the same time, this limitation will make it near impossible for the fraudsters that use stolen payment data to acquire large amounts of Gold for re-selling, before the detection systems in place catch them.

      The culprits are actively hurting the development of the game, by using stolen payment data. These payments are charged back afterwards, and, if we cannot prevent the Gold from reaching the ingame economy, skew the ingame value of Gold. Hence, we take every measure to protect the integrity of Albion Online’s ingame economy and will take swift and decisive action against anyone involved in 3rd party currency trading.

      This replaces the previous limitation of 24 hours playtime needed before the Gold Market becomes useable.

      Your Albion Online Team