Demon Armor

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    • So I was an early adopter of Demon armor since the change where you could move on it while channeling. A pioneer on it while using soulscythe which I main now. It completely counters several weapons like longbow, halberd, gala, siegebow. But other things like brimstone and weeping repeater dont get reflected. So it use to be 60% damage reflected from everyone in a 7m radius. This could be 100+ people. With aoe escalation added on that. So the meta has already shifted around demon armor where complete weapon changes and rerolls happened.. But demon armor was brought back in line with judicator armor. So after the 26th of september. It was changed to where it only reflected off of 10 people and at 50% reflected.

      Now with nothing said it was reverted back to reflecting off a radius but at 50%. Noticed the change during reset day when i was reflecting off of like 50 allies, giving them like 100 resistances.

      I main demon armor and it brings great utility at a fraction of the price of judis (because its used in gvg mostly) But Its just to powerful even tho its very risky to the user. It cant be purged or the channel cant be interrupted.

      Im wondering if certain things are not reflectable on purpose? Like some mage weapons get reflected but others dont?

      Also it would be great if the demon armor user would get the kills from reflecting and not who he reflects off of. Or maybe more kill fame for the assist? Also about assists, cant we get a small amount of kill fame for assisting someone in another party or not parties kill?

      Speaking of Demon. Im a little sad reading that Demon boots change. Sure now cloth, leather and metal boots now each have a damage increase boot. I like the idea of it doing more damage the lower you are, since i get low a lot. But demon boots were one of the only things that gave armor instead of just resistances. One of the only utility defensive boots, besides knight boots. Perhaps guardian helmet thats hardly used could be changed to a more support utility item that helps more then the user?